Light in Death was born out of Cassandra's passion for having conversations about what really matters. Death being the focus, as none of us get out of life untouched by it.  We have lost a reverence for death as the world becomes more medicalised and promotes individualism.

Historically, dying was a community event.  Light in Death aims to provoke deep existential thinking around what our lives mean and how we relate to being mortal creatures.

Cassandra Geisel is a psychotherapist in training with aims of supporting the dying and bereaved.  Her first job in the death realm was managing a funeral home  - helping from the very first phone call, to caring for the deceased, right up until the funeral. She spent time working in a crematorium, ensuring all services logistically went to plan and enjoyed learning about and accommodating religious ritual. She specialised in garden memorialisation at the crematorium. Now, she is working to empower people with lived experience around suicide to inform policy and programmes aimed at helping suicidal people. 

Based in London, England, she works as a death educator and virtual death doula supporting Light in Death and all it's endeavours.

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